OpenVPN vm cant connect to other VM's

Brent Clark brentgclarklist at
Wed Mar 6 10:37:11 UTC 2013

Hi guys

Im struggling with a freebsd vm, that I have that I use for a VPN 
connection too, from my workstation to my home LAN. And I was wondering 
if someone could peer review me and my problem.

OpenVPN is working beautifully. I.e. I can connect to some services 
(apache etc) that I run directly on my FreeBSD / openvpn vm.

What im now trying to achieve is that I can connect to other VMs / 
machines on my home LAN.

Im using tun for my VPN, and my pf.conf looks like so (please see the 
nat on ...)

[root at freebsd /usr/home/bclark]# cat  /etc/pf.conf
set skip on lo0
set optimization normal
#set block-policy drop
set limit { states 20000, frags 10000, src-nodes 20000 }
# Normalization: reassemble fragments and resolve or reduce traffic 
scrub in all
# Translation: specify how addresses are to be mapped or redirected.
# NAT rules
# enabling NAT currently breaks policy based routing
#nat on $ext_if from { $int_net, $vpn_net } to any -> ($ext_if)
#nat on tun0 from { } to any -> (re0)
nat on re0 from { } to any -> (re0)

table <sshguard> persist
block in quick on re0 proto tcp from <sshguard> to any port ssh label 
"ssh brute"

What am I missing?

If anyone could assist, it would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Brent Clark

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