Confused by restore(8) man page example

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Tue Mar 5 05:50:06 UTC 2013

El día Monday, March 04, 2013 a las 01:12:41PM -0800, Ronald F. Guilmette escribió:

> I'm thinking:  If it is worth putting a warning into the man page,
> perhaps it is worth putting a warning into the code itself, to
> protect the unwary.
> Anybody here ever used Clonezilla?  A nice useful tool.
> When Clonezilla runs, and when it is just about to overwrite a target
> drive, it first asks you explicitly "Do you really want to proceed (Y/n)?"
> After you respond "Y" it asks you again, one more time, the same question.
> I for one have never felt put upon by these safety catches.  I know they
> are there for my own protection. ...

In the old days of UNIX V7 when newfs(8) was still mkfs(8), there was
also a last and final question "Last chance before scribbling on disk."
to answer. And even after you hit ENTER to confirm, there was an
internal wait of some 5 secs to let you interrupt with Ctrl-C in case
of error. Just remembering those days :-)

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