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Lawrence K. Chen, P.Eng. lkchen at
Mon Mar 4 23:01:50 UTC 2013

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> On Mon, 04 Mar 2013 03:35:30 -0800, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
> > Now, unfortunately, I have just been bitten by the evil... and
> > apparently
> > widely known (except to me)... ``You can't use dump(8) to dump a
> > journaled
> > filesystem with soft updates'' bug-a-boo.
> There are other tools you can use, for example tar or cpdup
> or rsync, as you've mentioned in the subject.

Or if you want to be ambitious you could install something like 'sysutils/backuppc' (where one of its methods is rsync, its what I use for all the systems I back up with it. - Windows, Linux, Mac OSX.)

And, then could get more than just the weekly rsync to it....though it could probably be made to only do fulls every week.  But, you could potentially then restore from an older full.

I do system fulls of my other systems to it...can't do a baremetal restore, but it can get me back up and running faster.  IE: I recently had harddrive failures in a couple of FreeBSD systems.  I did a fresh install and at first I restored /home and /usr/local (and some other dirs, like /var/db/pkg & /var/db/ports)...and then other dirs and files as I found things missing.  Had to rebuild a handful of ports after that and then things were good.

The second system didn't go as well, because it had been silently corrupting things for a long time before....but I still did the same kind of restore at first, but ended up rebuilding all the ports to get things good again.

Not sure if losing the system disk, if I could recover from a local backuppc... but I have my old backuppc system, getting most of my current system (mainly omit the backuppc pool, think my backup storage requirements would grow exponentially if I didn' main backuppc pool is currently 6300G out of 7300G zpool.)  But, I've suffered bit rot on the old backuppc pool in the past..when it was a RAID 1+0 array....probably worse now that its a 2.7TB volume without raid (the only volume on that system that isn't mirrored.)  Though wonder if I want to try zfs on linux again, or replace it with FreeBSD.

I was faced with something like this on my Windows box....where eventually, I ended up writing off restoring from the local backup (a commercial time machine like product)...the mistake was using a windows fake raid5 external array as my backup drive.  And, losing the system due to problems in the fake raid.  I did briefly put together a CentOS live CD that could access the array, but the drives I copied the data to promptly failed on me shortly after I had broken the array and turned them into a raidz pool.  Someday I need to get back to going through the disk image of the failed system drive and recover as much as possible from that.  The box that was my Windows desktop is now my FreeBSD desktop....


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