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Mon Mar 4 20:38:08 UTC 2013

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Warren Block <wblock at> wrote:

>Until SUJ has been deemed 100%, I avoid it and suggest others do also. 
>It can be disabled on an existing filesystem from single user mode.


Silly me!  What do *I* know?  I just go about my business and try not to
create too much trouble for myself.  To be honest and truthful I have to
say that this journaling stuff entirely snuck up on me.  I confess...
I wasn't paying attention (to the world of FreeBSD innovations) and thus,
when I moved myself recently to 9.x (from 8.3) I did so without even
having been aware that the new filesystems that I was creating during
my clean/fresh install of 9.1 had journaling turned on by default.
(As the saying goes, I didn't get the memo.)  Not that I mind, really.
It sounds like a great concept and a great feature and I was happy to
have it right up until the moment that "dump -L" told me to go pound
sand. :-(

So, um, I was reading about this last night, but I was sleepy and my eyes
glazed over... Please remind me, what is the exact procedire for turning
off the journaling?   I boot to single user mode (from a live cd?) and
then what?  Is it tunefs with some special option?

>> If I use all of the following rsync options...  -a,-H,-A, -X, and -S ....
>> when trying to make my backups, and if I do whatever additional fiddling
>> is necessary to insure that I separately copy over the MBR and boot loader
>> also to my backup drive, then is there any reason that, in the event of
>> a sudden meteor shower that takes out my primary disk drive while leaving
>> my backup drive intact, I can't just unplug my old primary drive, plug in
>> my (rsync-created) backup drive, reboot and be back in the sadddle again,
>> almost immediately, and with -zero- problems?
>It works.  I use this to "slow mirror" SSDs to a hard disk, avoiding the 
>speed penalty of combining an SSD with a hard disk in RAID1.

Great!  Thanks Warren.

>Use the latest net/rsync port, and enable the FLAGS option.  I use these 
>options, copying each filesystem individually:
>-axHAXS --delete --fileflags --force-change

Hummm... I guess that I have some non-current rsync installed.  In the man
page I have there is no mention of any "--force-change" option.  What does
it do?

>Yes, the partitions and bootcode must be set up beforehand.  After that, 
>it works.

Good to know.  Thanks again Warren.

>Like any disk redundancy scheme, test it before an emergency.

Naw.  I like to live dangerously. :-)


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