Confused by restore(8) man page example

Ronald F. Guilmette rfg at
Mon Mar 4 19:53:32 UTC 2013

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Ben Cottrell <tamino at> wrote:

>I guess the same text in the man page could be read several
>different ways! The way I read it (which may or may not be
>correct) is that the example given is an example of how to
>use it *correctly*. It sounds to me like it's warning against
>deviating too far from the steps given in the example.
>I can see as how the text might allow other interpretations,

Thanks for the response Ben.

As others have pointed out, it would probably be less confusing
if the material starting with "An example:" were in a different
paragraph.  As the text stands now, first we have a sentence that
gives a frightening warning about possible mangling of a disk/partition
if restore -r is not used correctly, and then immediately following
that is "An example:" with an example of _correct_ usage.

I hope and trust that folks can understand my earlier befuddlement.

Anyway, I have just now filed a PR suggesting a new paragraph at the
appropriate point in the man page.

Thanks to all who responded.


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