Grepping though a disk

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Mon Mar 4 12:21:57 UTC 2013

Hi Polytropon & cc questions@

> Any suggestion is welcome!

A themed list: freebsd-fs at

There's a bunch of fs tools in /usr/ports/sysutils/

 slices large images such as tapes & disks
 (also the slice names would give numbers convertable to offsets
   probaably useful to eg ..a)
man fsdb

A bit of custom C should run a lot faster than shells & greps, eg 
when I was looking for nasty files from a bad scsi controller, I wrote

One could run eg slice asynchronously & suspend ^Z when you run out of 
space, & periodicaly run some custom C (like 8f.c) or some find grep -v rm  
loop to discard most slices as of no interest. Then resume slicing.

OK, thats doing writes too, so slower than just read & a later dd with 
seek=whatever, depends how conservative one's feeling, about doing reruns
with other search criteria.

You mentioned risk of text string chopped across a slice/block boundary.
Certainly a risk. Presumably solution is to search twice.
2nd time after a dd with a half block/ slice size offset, 
then slice/search again.

If you runout of space to do that, you might write a temporary
disklabel/bsdlabel with an extra partition with a half block offset
.. dodgy stuff that, do it while you'r wide awake :-)

Always a pain these scenarios, loosing hours of human & CPU time, I hope
data's worth it, good luck. 

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