connect to a network printer to be able to print

Martin Alejandro Paredes Sanchez mapsware at
Sat Mar 2 05:28:09 UTC 2013

On Wednesday 27 February 2013 09:45:15 Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear folks,
> I am trying to connect a network printer to be able to print to it.  I
> know the make/model of the printer:
> HP Color LaserJet CP4520
> and the ip address it is on

1st you need to define a host name for the printer in /etc/hosts, add the next 
line to /etc/hosts	hplj-cp4520

Then verify network conectivity with ping

ping -c 4 hplj-cp4520

Now, create the spool directory and errors-log file

mkdir -p /var/spool/lpd/LaserJetCP4520
chmod 770 /var/spool/lpd/LaserJetCP4520
touch /var/spool/lpd/LaserJetCP4520/errors-log
chmod 660 /var/spool/lpd/LaserJetCP4520/errors-log
chown -R daemon:daemon /var/spool/lpd/LaserJetCP4520

Next, add the printer definition to /etc/printcap

LaserJetCP4520|lp|HP LaserJet CP4520:\

Since the HP Color Laserjet Enterprise CP4520 accept the languages

HP postscript level 3 emulation
Direct PDF printing version 1.4

You should test with one file of that languages, I do not know if plain text 
can be printed without a text filter (input-filter)

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