MAC and Xorg on FBSD 9.1-p4 (re-sending)

ASV asv at
Fri Jun 28 09:56:06 UTC 2013

Hi all,
as you can see from the footer I've already posted this on the list trustedbsd-discuss at
but because that one seems to be dead to me I apologise if I'm trying to get some hint here.

Briefly, I'm trying to run X on my FreeBSD 9.1 with the following MAC
modules enabled:

I'm still actually in the learning process of this very granular but
complex security system but I'm learning fast as I found it very
Unfortunately when it comes to X it seems to be more complicated. I
cannot run it not even as root.
I get:
Unable to map MMIO aperture. Permission denied (13)
Memory map the MMIO region failed

until the timeout and back to prompt.

I get the same error with root which is the default login class and on
an ad-hoc restricted user.
As soon as I disable the modules everything works well.

I know this is a very brief description but it should be enough for now
to know if this is a known issue and/or the X system is known as NOT

And as MAC on FreeBSD is dark matter (googling is basically useless if
not for basic conf.) any hint would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

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