Should I be able to use mergemaster with freebsd-update?

Eugene genie at
Tue Jun 25 20:34:51 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I do not quite understand. Is the freebsd-update upgrade process completely 
broken? Or is it some special mode? Or was it broken recently?
Because some time ago I have upgraded from 8.1 to 8.2 quite nicely, with 
editor-based merging of config files, and was planning to upgrade to 8.4 
soon (especially as 8.2 is already not compatible with some ports).

Best wishes

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Subject: Re: Should I be able to use mergemaster with freebsd-update?

> I'm using freebsd-update to upgrade my system to the latest minor version
> (from 8.3-RELEASE to 8.4-RELEASE).
> I'm surprised that the merge handling system isn't more robust. When 
> upgrading
> the old way, from source, I was used to using mergemaster to handle any
> merges that couldn't be done automatically.
> But when using freebsd-update, it seems that any failed merges require 
> that
> you get dumped into an empty text editor for each file.
> [...]

As I continue with this process, doing all the mergemaster tasks manually, 
finding that the situation is even worse than I first realized.


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