Is There Any Buyable Laptop for FreeBSD 9.1 That Is Simple to Set Up?

Joseph Mingrone jrm at
Mon Jun 24 12:50:10 UTC 2013

-Edwin Hale <thucidydes at> writes:
> Therefore, my question is ultimately:-
> Is there any 17"64-bit laptop that will readily support FreeBSD 9.1 with wireless connectivity to an external hotspot?

There are many.  I've had good luck with Lenovos.  I'm writing this from
a friend's T530 and I own an X220, but neither have a 17" screen.

A first step is to search the archives of the mobile, acpi and questions
mailing lists.  There are also some helpful threads on the forums and

Once you have a system specd out, verify that the video and wireless
cards are supported.  Searching for something like "FreeBSD Centrino
Advanced-N 6205" should do it.

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