Problem in installing textproc/asciidoc

Olivier Nicole Olivier.Nicole at
Fri Jun 21 08:36:37 UTC 2013


On new 9.1 systems, textproc/asciidoc is being installed as dependency
to many other ports.

But the make install fails with the error:

installing Vim files in //usr/local/share/vim/vimfiles
cp: /usr/local/ETC/asciidoc.conf.sample: No such file or directory
*** [post-install] Error code 1

It is consistent on all the machines.

I can install the 20 or so files xxx.conf.sample by hand, it's
tedious, but it works.

But then, any other port that depend on asciidoc will fail to install,
saying that asciidoc have not been installed properly.

The version of asciidoc in the ports is asciidoc-8.6.8

I could not find any answer an Google, so I ask the question here:
what do I do wrong? Or is there something to tweak to make asciidoc
install and work normally?

Thanks in advance,


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