showing CAPSLOCK state on display

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Wed Jun 19 19:19:15 UTC 2013


I'm running 10-CURRENT on my small netbook EeePC 900; the device has
only a set of four lights (powered on, battery loading, disk i/o, WLAN) and
no indicator more, especially not for CAPSLOCK. So you don't know the
state of it and have to try in in a terminal (which sometimes gives
funny results when you write something with vim); some days ago I saw on
a Windows 7 laptop that it showed CAPSLOCK in some small overlay text
on-screen on the right sight. That would be just what I wanted for my
KDE3 desktop... any ideas?

An option would be to turn off the light "powered on" when CAPSLOCK,
because this light is always on when the netbook is up and one seldome


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