apply /etc/ttys changes on system

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> In the last episode (Jun 19), takCoder said:
> > Is there any way to apply /etc/ttys changes on system, except for
> > *restarting system* and *running kill -HUP 1* command ?
> >
> > Due some reasons, i need to change tc value of some of my ttys,
> > periodically. I'm looking for a safer way than *kill -HUP 1* command. So,
> > as this command is not a good one to be used often, any ideas are really
> > appreciated. I couldn't find any other one so far..
> Why is "kill -HUP 1" unsafe?  It's documented in init's manpage:
>      Line status (on, off, secure, getty, or window information) may be
>      changed in the ttys(5) file without a reboot by sending the signal
>      SIGHUP to init with the command ``kill -HUP 1''.  On receipt of this
>      signal, init re-reads the ttys(5) file.

Or "init q"

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