which reader/tablet/<whatever>

ito egunther at warwick.net
Wed Jun 12 23:13:45 UTC 2013


Have you seen Project Gutenberg.  There are alot of books there that are
out of print and published in a variety of formats.  I have gotten stuff
onto a older kindle (black and white) with the cable that it comes with
(usb) plugged into the computer, in windows to kindle, dragging and
dropping to the drive.

Other than that I think its much easier (and transparent) in common
usage with wifi or cellular plan. Just navigate and select I would

I looked around on the web and found some stuff that might be of
interest to you,

there was a thread ( it appears ) on this list last year about the
potential of using FreeBSD on tablets:


Also there is a text to speech add-on for firefox.



checked a bit thought it might help.


  On Sun, 2013-06-09 at 20:13 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	guys,
> 	most of you know that im physically disabled.  anyway, the
> 	disability extends to my speech and is why the cellphone I 
> 	have is datged and never got upgraded.  
> 	Anyway ... whilei dont need a new cell, I =have= been eyeing 
> 	something that I can buy ebooks and have the player/reader/<???>
> 	have the text {ASCII =only=} read to me.  I would google up 
> 	something, but I dont even know what to search for.   can I put
> 	freebsd on these tablet devices?  if I bought, say, WAR AND PIECE
> 	or something out of copyright  { schopenhauer or marcus aurelius }
> 	that is in text, how do I get it to whatever tablet I have?  
> 	right now we've got cable and I use the telco for my server.
> 	I know that works, but it is only good for my computer network.
> 	but say I wanted to keep things simple and buy some kind of kindle
> 	or nook.  how does amazon.com or bn.com get their new ebooks onto
> 	my reader?
> 	thanks in advance,
> 	gary

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