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Mon Jun 10 20:21:31 UTC 2013

Thank you for purchasing tickets on Ticketmaster.Your order number for this purchase is 06-89624/AUS.Complete order detail is attached to this e-mail.You will receive your tickets via: International Express-Ticketmaster will mail these within 2 business days of the booking.Tickets usually arrive within 10 working days of posting.        Total Charge: AU $112.50Thank you for adding Event Ticket Insurance to your order. You will be billed AU $13.00 (AU $6.50 per ticket)separately.Please note: for any ticket-related issues, please continue to contact Ticketmaster Customer Service.                                    Thanks again for using Ticketmaster.            Return to Ticketmaster home.    You can always check your order and manage your preferences in My Ticketmaster.        __________________________________________________________________________________    The personal information collected by Ticketmaster is used to ensure that the tickets or goods you purchased are delivered to you and that the you are advised of any possible changes/cancellations that may occur in relation to the event you booked.	Ticketmaster collect personal financial information to confirm the identity of users and bill customers for products and services.	Ticketmaster will not share financial or unique identifier information with third parties without your prior consent.	When you make a purchase through the Ticketmaster system your consent is required to provide your financial or contact information to those third parties necessary to process your transactions with us, 	such as credit card companies and the companies that handle shipping on our behalf. Ticketmaster may also pass your contact details on to Venues and Presenters,	who abide by the National Privacy Principles, to keep you informed of future events via direct marketing.	You were asked at the time of booking if you would like to receive this information.	You may also change this choice in the future by contacting us with this request, although it may also be necessary to contact any other organisations	(Venues & Presenters) which have obtained your information to indicate your choice at this stage.	Ticketmaster will not use or disclose this information in any way, other than that disclosed in this policy.        This email confirms your ticket order, so print/save it for future reference.	All purchases are subject to credit card approval and billing address verification. 	We make every effort to be accurate, but we cannot be responsible for changes, cancellations, or postponements announced after this email is sent.        To update your information or to unsubscribe from Ticketmaster offers, click here.    Note:  This email was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming email Please do not reply to this message.	If you have any questions please visit our Help Section.

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