buildworld selectively?

Walter Hurry walterhurry at
Sun Jun 9 19:51:51 UTC 2013

On Sun, 09 Jun 2013 19:56:10 +0100, Gary J. Hayers wrote:

> Have a read of the man page for /etc/src.conf
> On 09/06/2013 19:52, Walter Hurry wrote:
>> As a relative newcomer to FreeBSD I am planning a 'make buildworld' for
>> the first time. Since this is likely to be a lengthy process (my first
>> attempt will be in a virtual machine), I am wondering whether it is
>> possible to be at all selective about what is built.
>> I have read the handbook section thoroughly, and shall follow the
>> procedure recommended. I have also consulted 'man make.conf', but have
>> been unable to establish an answer.
>> For example, I do not require 'games'.
>> Is there a way of achieving this?

Ah, src.conf. That's what I missed!. Thank you so much Gary, and sorry if 
it was a silly question.

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