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> On Jun 2, 2013 3:57 PM, "mike miskulin" <birdfund at> wrote:
>> Hi all - I may be building a system which does not have any onboard
>> sounds thus need to find either a pci-e or usb solution which will work
>> with FreeBSD.  I've combed newegg and have to say I never realized how
>> crappy the sound cards have become - that used to be a big thing back in
>> the day!
>> Could any of you who have installed something of ->recent<- vintage
>> which worked well post the make/model?  I just need something for basic
>> audio, nothing superduper.
>> TIA
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> hi, i believe the market been more about mainstream-acceptable quality for
> cheaper and cheaper the past few years. most people use on board sound.
> not sure there will alot of new and exciting sound cards coming soon, its
> kind of at the limit of pcm. it will be totally very cool when sound cards
> do dsd / 5.7 mhz / 1 bit sampling rates, but thats still a ways off i think.
> i use a creative x-fi card pci-e, the blue one that runs about 50 bucks...
> on a FreeBSD system, it works pretty good with oss in base or you can try
> v4.2 in ports.
> asus xonar cards are excellent, they supposedly work in oss but i have not
> tried my xonar on a FreeBSD machine yet.
> if you run usb sound, i recommend getting an add-IN usb card, especially if
> you want to do some 48k recording. add a couple devices to your usb bus and
> you might notice some latency.
> Hope that helps.
> Waitman Gobble
> San Jose California USA

Sorry, I was typing my email on my phone before. yikes, grammar!

Anyhow, this card works pretty good on my FreeBSD system:

Note: if you want 'more' than 16bit stereo sound, ie multiple
'surround sound' channels, 32(24) bit, 96Khz recording - you have to
do a little code hacking. That card also has an ac3 decoder, so I
think you can dump ac3 data to it, but i haven't tried that yet. 'one
of these weekends' i'll get to it. :)

Waitman Gobble
San Jose California USA

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