define more partitions in freebsd

Warren Block wblock at
Mon Jun 3 15:05:54 UTC 2013

On Mon, 3 Jun 2013, saeedeh motlagh wrote:

> thanks Carl,
> i tried your your manual step by steps on FreeBSD8.2 but error happened.
> this is what i've done:
> gpart create -s MBR ad3
> ad3 created
> gpart add -t freebsd ad3
> ad3s1 added
> gpart create -s BSD -n 20 ad3s1
> gpart: geom 'ad3s1': File Exists
> if i do not run the second command and run the third one, it says "invalid
> argument".
> i don't know what should i do:( any comments or hints are really
> appreciated.

[please stop top-posting, it makes replies more difficult]

The slice entry is still present on the disk, and must be removed and 

   gpart delete -i1 ad3
   gpart add -t freebsd ad3

Again, GPT is a better solution unless you have a Thinkpad with a broken 

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