New LGA1150 / C222, C224 Xeons

mike miskulin birdfund at
Sun Jun 2 22:47:00 UTC 2013

Hi - I am trying to replace an aging workstation on its last legs and
have been waiting on the release of the new Intel hardware.  They did so
this weekend and I am leaning towards the E3-1245V3 over the vanilla i7s
because of the extended page support for virutualization.  

So.. before I get knee deep into it.. am I going to be ok with the
latest current and that cpu/chipset?  I think the chipset has been for a
little while.  

In fact, FreeBSD will be one of the virtualizations - i was pretty happy
with another setup where FreeBSD was installed to disk and then
virtualbox run using that "image".  

Thanks for any warnings/insights, etc.

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