Max top end computer for Freebsd to run on

Joshua Isom jrisom at
Sun Jun 2 21:09:21 UTC 2013

You mean like a high end rack mount server that's FreeBSD's primary use? 
  One catch about ram, the faster ram comes in smaller sticks.  I have 
four 8Gb sticks for 32Gb, but it's not the fastest ram.  The fastest ram 
tends to be 2Gb sticks.  At the moment, FreeBSD's set to a max of 64 
cores on amd64, that's "threads" for Intel, but it can be changed if you 
actually need it.  Newegg has a quad socket xeon 4U system that has a 
total of 40 cores/80 threads, and comes with 128GB of ram.  It will set 
you back over $30k.

You'll need to make a compromise about memory and cpu.  A lot of games 
aren't overly multithreaded because most people aren't even quad core 
yet.  The fastest per core processors aren't the fastest overall.  Look 
at's top speed page and compare it to the single 
threaded page.  Which do you think will do a game better and which will 
do 100 jails better?

On 6/2/2013 3:34 PM, Fbsd8 wrote:
> I'm a sub second speed freak. What is the max number of cpu's and memory
> size that Freebsd can handle? Can it handle 16 4ghz cpu's and 32gb of
> memory? I need a gaming server with some really big balls for hundreds
> of jails. Money is not a deciding factor here, horse power is.
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