define more partitions in freebsd

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Sun Jun 2 07:05:59 UTC 2013

thanks guys,

i understand another solution is GPT partitioning. but i prefer to have
more partitions in traditional freebsd (with MBR table i think). using GPT
is the last solution for me.

i should create more than 8 partitions with gpart command (flag n which
identifies entries) but i have errors when using it. is there any special
option which should be included in kernel in order to use gpart with flag
n? any one test it before?

thanks in advance,

On Sat, Jun 1, 2013 at 8:23 PM, Carl Johnson <carlj at> wrote:

> s m <sam.gh1986 at> writes:
> > hello all
> >
> > i want to install freebsd8.2 on my system. for some reasons, i need
> > partitions more than 6. my freebsd just allow me to define partitions
> > from a to h, not any more.
> >
> > i checked FreeBSD handbook, but it doesn't say anything about defining
> > more partitions.
> >
> > my question is: how can i define more partitions on my freebsd? (for
> > example, ad3s1a, ..., ad3s1h, ad3s1i, ad3s1j, ...).
> >
> > any comments or hints are appreciated.
> > SAM
> Others have already commented that GPT labels are better, but I think
> that you can have more than 8 partitions.  I remember a posting a while
> back that the maximum had been increased.  You will have to experiment
> if you want to do this, but gpart shows an example that uses 20
> partitions:  '/sbin/gpart create -s BSD -n 20 ada0s1'.  I also don't
> know that bsdlabel will handle these, so you definitely should
> experiment first.
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