define more partitions in freebsd

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Jun 1 13:10:13 UTC 2013

On Sat, 1 Jun 2013, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Jun 2013 11:10:32 +0430, s m wrote:
>> my question is: how can i define more partitions on my freebsd? (for
>> example, ad3s1a, ..., ad3s1h, ad3s1i, ad3s1j, ...).
> You cannot. You need to use the GPT partitioning approach
> and repartition your disk. With gpart, you can create more
> than 'h' partitions, but the partitions will have different
> names, such as ad3s1p1, ad3s1p2, ..., ad3s1p10, ad3s1p11, ...
> and so on.

GPT partitioning is a replacement for MBR partitioning, and will
generally look like ad3p1, ad3p2, and so on.  FreeBSD's GPT 
implementation should allow 128 GPT partitions by default, although I 
have not tested that.

Use of gpart to set up a disk is shown here:

The FreeBSD 9.x installer, bsdinstall, uses GPT partitioning by default. 
The older sysinstall that is used on FreeBSD 8 does not, and probably 
has no native way to use GPT.  The partitions would have to be set up 
manually from a shell before running the installer, and then manually 
entered in the installer.

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