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On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 10:56 PM, <petersontr at> wrote:

> Dear Sir:
> I have been thinking about installing your FreeBSD onto some of my extra
> PC's that I have laying around, just to see what that Unix OS can do on my
> PC. I have a few questions, though, before I order your Install Disk to do
> that. I spoke to your receptionist there on 30 July, and she suggested that
> I write to you with my detailed questions before I went ahead an purchased
> your well-recommended OS:
> 1. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 PC with a 32-bit Intel processor in it. It
> has 2G's of RAM, and a 250GB hard drive under Windows OS, currently. I use
> A.T.&T. as my ISP and I have a DSL line supplied by A.T.& T. May I install
> your OS onto an external 80 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA IV Model ST380021A
> hard drive, and boot off of that into BSD and have it run on that Dell
> computer? The BIOS Chip seems to support external drives and USB sticks,
> since I have successfully used the later to boot this PC into Debian Linux.
> 2. Do you have a version of your free BSD program with a graphical user
> interface (like that seen on Mac's and Windows boxes) that will run on that
> same Dell Dimension 300, mentioned above?
> 3. How much does the install CD cost me, including shipping to the
> Milwaukee area, for the Free BSD OS that will run on said computer?
> 4. I have another PC at work that has a 32-bit AMD chip in it with 1GB RAM
> and 250 GB under Vista OS, currently. Do you likewise have a version of
> your latest Free BSD that will run on THIS machine in a graphical
> environment like that mentioned for the Dell computer above from the same
> external 80 GB Seagate hard drive?
> 5. Does the OS come with an application, like I have observed with some
> Linux distros, that enables me to get updates as they become available?
> Does your FreeBSD come with its own browser? If not, may I still connect
> to the web by some means to obtain a BSD-compatible browser (e.g., Firefox)
> that will run on this OS on either of the two computers above?
> Sincerely,
> Glen A. Peterson
> Cedarburg, Wisconsin
> (262) 780-1856 (W, C.D.T.)but OK to call there)
> PetersonTR at

First of all, FreeBSD is well FREE.. you don't need to purchase it, but you
can donate to the FreeBSD foundation[2]
a user friendly version of FreeBSD is available, it is named PC-BSD, they
have dropped support for 32bit processors but you can still obtain old
versions with 32bit support [3]
you should note however, that unlike in the Linux world, PC-BSD is not a
fork persay, it is plain vanilla FreeBSD under the hood, its just simply
packaged in a way that makes it easy to "use"

While The FreeBSD handbook is a great source of information, and everything
you find there will apply to PC-BSD as well, there is a book that is very
well written The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD [4]
PCBSD provides updates via a graphical user interface, and they very
closely track FreeBSD.. but as I stated earlier, while FreeBSD still
actively supports the 32bit platform, PC-BSD has decided not to.

on a side note, I am also from Wisconsin, feel free to contact me via gmail
chat sfourman at, I will assist you in anyway I can

Have a Great Day,
Sam Fourman Jr.



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