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Wed Jul 31 03:02:18 UTC 2013

Dear Sir:

I have been thinking about installing your FreeBSD onto some of my extra PC's that I have laying around, just to see what that Unix OS can do on my PC. I have a few questions, though, before I order your Install Disk to do that. I spoke to your receptionist there on 30 July, and she suggested that I write to you with my detailed questions before I went ahead an purchased your well-recommended OS:

1. I have a Dell Dimension 3000 PC with a 32-bit Intel processor in it. It has 2G's of RAM, and a 250GB hard drive under Windows OS, currently. I use A.T.&T. as my ISP and I have a DSL line supplied by A.T.& T. May I install your OS onto an external 80 GB Seagate Barracuda ATA IV Model ST380021A hard drive, and boot off of that into BSD and have it run on that Dell computer? The BIOS Chip seems to support external drives and USB sticks, since I have successfully used the later to boot this PC into Debian Linux.

2. Do you have a version of your free BSD program with a graphical user interface (like that seen on Mac's and Windows boxes) that will run on that same Dell Dimension 300, mentioned above?

3. How much does the install CD cost me, including shipping to the Milwaukee area, for the Free BSD OS that will run on said computer?

4. I have another PC at work that has a 32-bit AMD chip in it with 1GB RAM and 250 GB under Vista OS, currently. Do you likewise have a version of your latest Free BSD that will run on THIS machine in a graphical environment like that mentioned for the Dell computer above from the same external 80 GB Seagate hard drive?

5. Does the OS come with an application, like I have observed with some Linux distros, that enables me to get updates as they become available?

Does your FreeBSD come with its own browser? If not, may I still connect to the web by some means to obtain a BSD-compatible browser (e.g., Firefox) that will run on this OS on either of the two computers above?


Glen A. Peterson
Cedarburg, Wisconsin
(262) 780-1856 (W, C.D.T.)but OK to call there)
PetersonTR at aol.com



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