Delete a directory, crash the system

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Sun Jul 28 13:25:53 UTC 2013

On 28/07/2013 06:38, David Noel wrote:
> Ok folks, thanks again for all the help. Using the feedback I
> submitted a PR (#180894) --
> I also submitted a
> follow-up to it with Frank's code and notes. What next? I don't really
> know what happens from here, but I'm guessing/hoping that someone's
> monitoring the PR system and will move this forward.
> Crossing my fingers, though if anyone knows any better methods of
> getting PR's addressed I'm all ears.

You've already done the right things: raising a PR and posing about your
problem on freebsd-fs at, where it is going to come to the
attention of developers working on that area of the system.

You're next move should be to provide whatever additional information
the developers might need to diagnose or reproduce the problem.  This is
really the crucial bit: unless a dev can understand what happened and
how your system came to break in that particular way, it's unlikely
they'll be able to fix it.

If you don't understand what's being asked for, or how to roduce any
required information, don't be shy about asking -- either here, or over
on freebsd-fs at ...  It's sometimes hard to remember that the sort of
debugging things you'ld do routinely and without a second thought as a
developer can appear as pretty arcane mysteries to the uninitiated.

You may find these bits of documentation useful:
   (especially section 10.1 about obtaining a kernel core dump, and
    10.2 about using kgdb.)



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