Installation hangs during "Archive extraction" phase (9.1)

Ewald Jenisch a at
Fri Jul 26 13:51:24 UTC 2013

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 01:16:32PM +0200, bw.mail.lists wrote:
> You don't actually need to install ports.txz. All it does is populate 
> /usr/ports, but you can do that after install using portsnap as 
> documented in the handbook 
> (
> portsnap fetch
> portsnap extract


Thanks for the hint. Now I could finish the installation (which takes
like forever (speaking in terms of 2 hours which is pretty strange
given the raw power of this machine)) however after rebooting the box
behaves weird to say the last:

I started out be entering "portsnap fetch". Everything runs fine up to
the point when I see "Verifying snapshot integrity". Then the system
completely comes to a grind. After sending the "portsnap fetch" to the
background (^Z) and entering "top" the machine completely freezes
without any indication as to why.

I've already done a complete hardware diagnosis - everything OK.

Any ideas on how to track this one down?

Thanks much in advance,

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