Creating freebsd usb boot

Polytropon freebsd at
Thu Jul 25 10:28:08 UTC 2013

On Thu, 25 Jul 2013 12:01:10 +0300, Erhan Gulsen wrote:
> Hi,
> I am Erhan,i have a problem,i read your all definition but i can not 
> create usb boot FreeBSD,i have a ubuntu 12.04 operating system.I want to 
> create it with FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-disc1.iso but when i try 
> this,it shows ''boot error''.Can you help me?

The .iso file is designed to be used for optical media (CD
and DVD). For USB sticks, use the .img (memstick) file from
the download section.

FreeBSD-9.1-RELEASE-amd64-memstick.img will be the correct
file which you can easily dd onto the USB stick.

But maybe this will help you will the file you already have:

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