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Wed Jul 24 16:04:52 UTC 2013

On Wed, 24 Jul 2013 11:22:46 -0400
Lowell Gilbert articulated:

> Jerry <jerry at> writes:
> > On Tue, 23 Jul 2013 15:50:00 -0400
> > Lowell Gilbert articulated:
> >
> >> Jerry <jerry at> writes:
> >> 
> >> > Does anyone know of a way of getting the scanner to "see" the
> >> > FreeBSD machine and saving a file to it?
> >> 
> >> I'm not sure I correctly understand your intention, but maybe
> >> Samba is what you're looking for?
> >
> > Samba is working fine and all of the other computers on the network
> > can see each other and the printer/scanner. The problem is that the
> > scanner does not see the FreeBSD machine.
> I'm going to make some guesses here, because your information is still
> sketchy. Specifically, I'm assuming that you have Samba running on the
> FreeBSD machine, and that the other (Windows) computers can write
> files to the Samba shares on the FreeBSD machine, but that some kind
> of GUI comes up when you scan, and offers Windows machines as possible
> destination, but doesn't offer the FreeBSD machine.
> Assuming all of that is correct, this is a Samba-tuning question, and
> you may need a Samba expert. But first you can check whether the
> machines agree on the master browser, and whether there's an Active
> Directory lookup occurring in each (Windows machine vs.
> printer-scanner) case. Are these hosts all on the same IP subnet?

Yes, they are all on the same IP subnet and there is no active
directory. I believe the problem to be that the software needed by the
scanner is not running on the FreeBSD machine, nor is it likely to in
the near future. Brother makes the software for *.nix, MAC and Windows,
but that is it.

I seriously doubt that i am going to spend anymore time on this issue.
I have all ready shared the directories that the scanner saves files
into on the Windows machines, and can mount and access them from the
FreeBSD one. Spending hours to save a few minutes work of time is not a
good use of my time or energy. If it was only a matter of a tweak here
or there I would do it; however, it has become apparent to me that it
goes further than that.

Jerry ♔

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