ZFS trim patches

Per olof Ljungmark peo at intersonic.se
Sat Jul 20 10:31:33 UTC 2013

On 2013-07-20 07:25, aurfalien wrote:
> Hi,
> Is this;
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-current/2012-September/036777.html
> ... available in the form of a patch for stable rels?
> Its ZFS TRIM support.

According to /usr/src/UPDATING, yes:

        Added ZFS TRIM support which is enabled by default. To disable
        ZFS TRIM support set vfs.zfs.trim.enabled=0 in loader.conf.

        Creating new ZFS pools and adding new devices to existing pools
        first performs a full device level TRIM which can take a significant
        amount of time. The sysctl vfs.zfs.vdev.trim_on_init can be set to 0
        to disable this behaviour.

        ZFS TRIM requires the underlying device support BIO_DELETE which
        is currently provided by methods such as ATA TRIM and SCSI UNMAP
        via CAM, which are typically supported by SSD's.

        Stats for ZFS TRIM can be monitored by looking at the sysctl's
        under kstat.zfs.misc.zio_trim.

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