FreeBSD/NAS Item Not Working

Christopher Stiefel chris at
Thu Jul 18 20:10:05 UTC 2013

Well, I've come to the determination that a simple SATA card driver isn't
working in FreeBSD/NAS,etc. I've tried everything. CentOS/Ubuntu/Redhat,
etc. all work no problems, but I wanted to use ZFS which I was finally able
to do with Ubuntu but I wanted to do this setup with FreeBSD but the driver
wasn't there. I have a much more detailed setup of the information here
with the errors, the card, etc. and was sent to this mailing list by one of
the moderators there:

The card is a 4-channel sata PCIe card model number SI-PEX40062. I plan to
use three of them per system in another build to build two systems that
mirror each other for a 12-drive RAIDZ3 mirrored storage test system. Hence
the need for 4 ports per card, etc. It works great in the full 'nix flavors
but I was hoping the BSD flavors would also favor it but it turns out for
some reason this particular driver seems to be missing.

Anyhow; here it is. There ya go. If there is anything else I can do to
help. I'd be happy to use my hardware and a USB boot drive for testing for
ya anytime...

Christopher Stiefel
Member of Technical Staff (MTS)

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