Does geom_raid1e support raid10e?

Eduardo Morras emorrasg at
Wed Jul 17 08:22:08 UTC 2013

Hello, I want to know if geom_raid1e support raid10e level too. The difference between them is that 1e duplicates the 32-64-128-whatever block data size in all n disks in the raid1e but raid10e only between n/2 and n (a try to show it below), making raid10e bigger and more flexible than plains raid1/raid1e or raid10 respectively.

In raid1e:

Disk   D1   D2   D3   D4   D5
Block  a1   a1   a1   a1   a1
Block  a2   a2   a2   a2   a2
Block  a3   a3   a3   a3   a3

In raid10e:

Disk   D1   D2   D3   D4   D5
Block  a1   a1   a1   a2   a2
Block  a2   a3   a3   a3   a4
Block  a4   a4   a5   a5   a5

In these examples, with block size of 128KB, raid1e will survive to fail of 4 disks and stores 128*3 = 384 KB; raid10e will survive to fail of 2 disks and stores 128*5 = 640 KB.

In some literature, raid10e duplicates between 2 and n disks.

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