gpart: table 'da0' is corrupt; operation not permitted

aurfalien aurfalien at
Tue Jul 16 20:44:08 UTC 2013

Hello again,

Not happy to be posting so much lately especially being so new.

I grabbed a few disks from a Mac and am using them for sys disks.

Upon booting from an install CD into a shell, I type;

gpart show

and see several partitions;

34			78165293	da0		GPT										(37G)	[CORRUPT]
34			6					- free - 										(3.0k)
40			409600		1		efi											(200M)
409640		77493536	2		!52414944-0000-11aa-aa11-00306543eacac	(37G)
77903176	262144		3		apple-boot									(128M)
78165320	7					- free- 										(3.5k)

Upon doing;

gpart destroy da0

I get;

gpart: Device busy

Upon doing;

gpart delete -i 1 da0

I get;

gpart: table "da0" is corrupt: Operation not permitted

Any insight would be huge, thanks in advance,

- aurf

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