resolvconf.conf in 9.1

Mike. the.lists at
Mon Jul 15 19:08:53 UTC 2013

On 7/14/2013 at 11:45 AM Mike. wrote:

|I am trying to figure out and understand the config file
|resolvconf.conf.  The man page is a bit on the sketchy side, and I see
|no reference for resolvconf.conf in the Handbook.  Most of what google
|finds looks like it is Linux-oriented, and that seems to be an
|different config structure for resolvconf, i.e., a directory of files
|instead of a file of variables.
|For example, I would like to change the order in which the name
|appear in resolv.conf.  
|There is one interface (fxp0) that is assigned both IPv4 and IPv6
|addresses.   IPv4 uses DHCP to obtain the address and two nameservers.
|  IPv6 uses rtadvd to obtain the IP address and nameserver (RDNSS).
|The IPv4 nameservers appear before the IPv6 nameserver in resolv.conf,
|and I would like the IPv6 nameserver to be first on the resolv.conf
|What parameter in resolvconf.conf controls the order in which
|nameservers are placed in resolv.conf?

I finally solved this.

First, I ran

	resolvconf -l

to list the interfaces it knew about.

Then I added this line, based upon the interfaces in the above list, to

	interface_order="fxp0:slaac fxp0"

That puts the interface configured via rtadv before the interface
configured via dchp, resulting in the IPv6 nameserver coming before the
IPv4 nameservers in resolv.conf.

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