jls usage

Shane Ambler FreeBSD at ShaneWare.Biz
Sat Jul 13 04:13:03 UTC 2013

On 13/07/2013 01:26, Frank Leonhardt wrote:

> Okay - answering my own question and solved... It's a bug (or is that a
> feature?).
> In /etc/rc.d/jail line 647 it currently reads:
>                  eval ${_setfib} jail ${_flags}  -i ${_rootdir}
> ${_hostname} \
>                          \"${_addrl}\" ${_exec_start} > ${_tmp_jail} 2>&1 \
>                          </dev/null
> And it should (IMHO) read:
>                  eval ${_setfib} jail ${_flags} -n ${_jail} -i
> ${_rootdir} ${_hostname} \
>                          \"${_addrl}\" ${_exec_start} > ${_tmp_jail} 2>&1 \
>                          </dev/null
> Once changed, everything works find and your jails are named as per the
> rc.conf file definitions. Can anyone think of a reason for NOT fixing this?

Go with bug ;-) - fix (improvement?) is working it's way through.

You mentioned running 8.2 so I wondered if it has changed.

If you look through the source tree you will find in 8.4 that line has
the -n ${_jail} addition plus some other extras.

Looks like it showed up in stable/8 at r242083 as part of a larger 

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