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> Hello,
> I can delete in a text file with
>  sed '/pattern1/,/pattern2/d' < file
> all lines between the lines with the given patterns, including themself 
> also; how could I specify that the deletion should exclude the line with 
> /pattern1/, i.e. the addr is something like /pattern1/+1 ?

IF you use ed(1) style commands, then '/pattern1/+1,/pattern2/d' _is_ the
answer.  <GRIN>

See: 'man 1 ed', specifically the LINE ADDRSSING section.

That said, it is also trivial with a simple 'state machine' construct in 

    /pattern2/  { skipping = 0; next; }
    skipping    { next; }
    /pattern1/  { skipping = 1; next; }

Note:  omit the 'next;' from the 'pattern' line if you want that line to be
       INCLUDED in the output;
Note:  the order of the lines shown is important.

Comment: one _can_ implement something similar to the above state machine
in ed (making use of looping and conditional executin commands, and the 
'hold' buffer to track state), but it gets (*very*) messy, difficult to
maintain, and presents a 'decoding' problem for the =next= person who has
to maintain it.

_I_ find awk to be generally preferable (more easily maintainable) for 
any situation involving anything more than trivial line range specifications.

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