X client without X server

Olivier Nicole olivier.nicole at cs.ait.ac.th
Fri Jul 5 02:28:55 UTC 2013


>         >         Is there a way to install an X client without automatically install an
>         >         X server?
> I don't use emacs, but you can quickly check,
> prior to installing, what other ports will be
> required, e.g. do
> make -C /usr/ports/ search name=emacs-24

After doing my homework, it seems that it happened only some years
ago. I have some very old systems, that I have been upgrading again
and again, without reconstructing from scratch; the old systems are
carrying xorg-server along. On the newer machines that I installed,
there is only X clients, no X servers.

So the problem was only an old problem, I apologize for disturbing.

Best regards,


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