Boot Error v7.4 Install

Gary Welles gary at
Mon Jul 1 13:49:45 UTC 2013

I've been trying for days to install v7.4 from floppies with 
non-bootable CD on an old Intel AltServer platform's Adaptec 
AIC-7870 SCSI.

It's SCSI Software User's Guide offers configuration support 
for Novell Netware, OS/2, Windows NT, SCO Unix, and Novell 
UnixWare with no mention of BSD.

The installation to 16Gb SCSI ID:0 on a Dell PowerEdge 
Scalable Disk Subsystem 100 appears to go well, but always 
results in "Boot Error".

Any help would be appreciated, especially directing me to most 
appropriate discussion list/archive.

-- Gary
Gary Welles
Old Mystic, CT USA

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