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Wed Feb 27 16:41:40 UTC 2013

On Mon, 25 Feb 2013 14:56:46 +0100, CeDeROM wrote:
> hey, how can i disable bluetooth in freebsd (9.1)?

Kill it with fire! ;-)

> my device is visible to other devices whethever i switch the radio button,
> also the radio button seems to be the only waynto disable my computer from
> being visible to other devices...
> i hwve tried to disable bluetooth and ubt in loader.conf and various
> serives in rc.conf but still my computer was visible to other devices. i
> dont want it to be visible to other bluetooth computers but still i want to
> have radio switched on to use wifi.

You can try to omit Bluetooth entirely by defining the symbol
WITHOUT_BLUETOOTH=yes in /etc/src.conf and rebuilding your
system (kernel and world). See "man src.conf" for details.

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