SAS Driver Support

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Dear Devin

I have got some questions in my mind Brother.

1 MAX HDD Support in FreeBSD
2 MAX HDD Size Support in FreeBSD

Kindly guide me.

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I did a write-up on hardware integration procedures some time back.

Might help...

In addition, I'll add that you don't necessarily have to boot FreeBSD... what I'll often do is boot DruidBSD and run the "Hardware Detection Tool" or "HDT" by Ewan Velu:

That will allow me to get the vendor/device hex values that identify the card you want to support. Once you have the 4-digit hex values for "vendor id" and "device id" then it's just a matter of grep'ing the FreeBSD source code to find out which module(s) work with that hardware.

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Dear Team

FreeBSD can support HP D2600 disk enclosure or not?
FreeBSD can support SAS controller card (P800\P812)  driver or not?

Muhammad Junaid

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