Jail question

Daniel O'Callaghan danny at clari.net.au
Tue Feb 26 21:54:21 UTC 2013

Bernt Hansson wrote:

> I would like to install an old version of freebsd let's say 4.6 in a
> jail. Is that possible.
> Host is 8.3-stable amd64
Things like ps won't run, but you can copy static binaries from host:/rescue to jail:/{bin,sbin} as appropriate and that helps a lot.
I just installed a 5.4-RELEASE/i386 jail on a 9.1-STABLE/amd64 system.
Mysqld would not run (dumped core), so I relocated that to a separate jail running 9.1-STABLE/amd64
One gotcha I found is that while you can run an old i386 system in a jail on an amd64 host, you can't build an amd64 kernel with COMPAT_AOUT, so if you have an a.out binary from days of old, you need an i386 kernel.

Devin Teske wrote:
> Yes, this is possible.
> When I get into work, I'll share with you the recipe (I have a script called "update4.sh" which I run after building [or rsync'ing] a 4.x box to an 8.x box to become a vimage; note that I didn't say "jail" -- 4.x runs better as a VNET jail than a regular jail).
> We've not had much luck in running 4.x as a non-vnet jail under 8.x whereas vnet-jail works wonders (with a couple binaries replaced, like netstat, ifconfig, ps, and top for example).

Please share your script with us all (especially me :-) )



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