I made a mess. libc

Teske, Devin Devin.Teske at fisglobal.com
Thu Feb 21 17:46:37 UTC 2013

Can you specify perhaps "/rescue/sh" as the single-user shell?

That should get you in.

Then you have to stick to static executables like /rescue/rcp to remotely transfer files.

Perhaps someone can host a file on a machine that can be reached via /rescue/rcp for you.

From: Bernt Hansson [bah at bananmonarki.se]
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:22 AM
To: Teske, Devin
Cc: Fleuriot Damien; questions FreeBSD
Subject: Re: I made a mess. libc

2013-02-21 18:01, Teske, Devin skrev:
> Is it the base machine that won't boot? I got this ...

That is correct. So no cd burning no nothing...Well it want to drop in
to a single shell bla bla bla press enter for /bin/sh

libexec* libc.so.7: invalid file format

I do not want to reinstall, have 4 encrypted disks.

> My latest version of Druid has a very sophisticated "Interactive Disk Repair" script that will assemble your system "humpty-dumpty style" while booted from a CD or Thumb drive (you said you couldn't burn a CD, but it wasn't clear whether you could master a thumb drive).
> https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v1/url?u=http://sourceforge.net/projects/druidbsd/files/FreeBSD-8.3_Druid-1.0b60.iso/download&k=%2FbkpAUdJWZuiTILCq%2FFnQg%3D%3D%0A&r=LTzUWWrRnz2iN3PtHDubWRSAh9itVJ%2BMUcNBCQ4tyeo%3D%0A&m=07piZUd2tTTVmRt2abbbhXwBr9OUC7olyXwRy6BdjoM%3D%0A&s=a0b244b57abd48f38a1cd817513b96950f4c6f2f035b3d33ddee2a27938b2f04
> When you run the "Interactive Disk Repair (IDR) Shell" option, it presents you with a few questions (like, "I've found a saved network interface in rc.conf(5) -- would you like me to activate it for you?"), and ultimately mounts your system to present a working shell to fix your problems.
> Important: when it asks you if you want to chroot into the mounted filesystem, say NO (you're libc isn't working, so that would be a bad idea) -- rather, run from the LiveFS environment where /mnt is your mounted system. There's even a copy of libc in the LiveFS environment that you can copy over your old one...
> cp /cdrom/freebsd/rescue/lib/libc.so.7 /mnt/lib/libc.so.7
> (if I recall correctly)

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