cdrecord: Please report.

David Demelier demelier.david at
Thu Feb 21 12:36:09 UTC 2013

2013/2/21 Shane Ambler <FreeBSD at>

> On 21/02/2013 10:22, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
>  Now that I've ``upgraded'' from 8.3-RELEASE to 9.1-RELEASE it appears
>> that good old burncd no longer works, apparently because the CD/DVD
>> drive is now exclusively handled as an ATAPICAM device.
> There are a few problem reports for cdrecord already - it sounds like
> the issue is from package installed versions of cdrtools, the solution
> seems to be compile from ports instead of installing from a pre-built
> package.
> I can say I have compiled from ports and don't have an issue burning
> dvd's - I have just upgraded to 9.1 from 9.0. I was going to say I have
> atapicam enabled but it appears that it isn't able to load on my system.
> Apparently ATA_CAM is a default part of 9.x and atapicam isn't needed,
> even though the module is still compiled.

I've never understood the difference between ATA_CAM and atapicam, what are
the difference between them?

>  So, um, WTF?  To whom am supposed to "report" this failure?
> While you can email the port maintainer it is generally best to report
> through the freebsd website. Under support you can start with Bug
> reports to search if someone else has already reported it, then either
> Submit Followup (bottom of page) to an existing report with more
> information or Submit Bug-report if you need to create a new report.

Demelier David

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