convert date and time to epoch in awk

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b> I want to write a script that parses the last, say, 10 minutes of a log
b> file looking for a certain string, like 'error', or failed', and returns
b> how many times it shows up. The script would be run by Nagios and if it
b> returns > 0 an alert is raised. Each line of the log file starts with a
b> date like 'Feb 19 23:45:32'.

   Instead of looking for 'error' or 'failed', I'd recommend weeding out
   benign log entries and returning everything else.  Some examples:

   Some relevant links for Nagios:
     Is Nagios capable of covering the functionality of Logwatch?
     How do I use Nagios to monitor a log file
     What tool do you use to monitor your servers?

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