Ports & Packages [Stable] in sync

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Tue Feb 19 16:19:29 UTC 2013

Jeff Tipton <jeff.t at mail.com> writes:

> Thank you, Damien, for the reply. AFAIK, STABLE gets updated every 2
> weeks but not every day, and it seems to be that because of the
> intrusion, it has not been updated for long. The versions of the ports
> that come with the 9.1-RELEASE are even slightly newer than those of
> 9-STABLE packages. I think if I don't get the revision number from
> which the 9-STABLE was updated last time I'll use the ports tree that
> comes with 9.1-RELEASE. I hope it won't cause much version
> incompatibilities.

Um, not really. Or at least, not specific enough to be sure whether it
is correct or not.

The ports tree is not branched, and is intended to work with all
supported branches and releases. In other words, regardless of whether
you're running 9.1-RELEASE, 9-STABLE (in svn/cvs terms, RELENG_9), or
10.x (HEAD), you can (and, unless you have specific reasons otherwise,
usually corporate security dictates) should use a ports tree checked out
from HEAD.

This is unrelated to whether packages are available for the ports on a
particular branch or tag. Package availability is unusually limited at
the moment, but that's because the build cluster has very limited
capacity right now for a variety of reasons. That situation will improve
over time, but until computers are infinitely fast, the package
collection will lag somewhat behind the ports tree. 

Packages need to be built for a particular base system (or "close
enough": generally all base-system versions in the same major-number
release can run the packages for any other within that same series, most
notably the -STABLE version).

Additionally, -STABLE base system is "updated" by definition every time
a developer checks into the relevant branch (currently RELENG_9). For
ports, as I said earlier, there is no equivalent; updates go to HEAD,
period. When packages get built for a particular base system is a matter
of policy on the build cluster. I don't use downloaded packages for
ports updates, but I would expect that to evolve as the new build
cluster does.

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