Using svn to checkout a deprecated port.

Christopher Sean Hilton chris at
Mon Feb 18 19:30:37 UTC 2013


I need to use svn to checkout the old "security/cfs" port so I can do
a one-time transfer of some data off of a USB drive. At the end of the
day, I just need the one port so if the cvs repository is available I
could also get it that way. In either case, I'm trying to do the
equivalent of:

     $ cvs co -r '2011/10/01' $FreeBSDportsRepo security/cvs

in English, I want to checkout security/cvs from ports as it existed
on October 1st, 2011 (the port was deprecated on November 1st 2011. 

Anything I do with svn seems to want to checkout the entire
tree. While desirable for a different project, that's not really in
scope right now. Further, I'm temporarily at the end of a metered pipe
so the difference between getting all of the ports tree and just the
directory that I want is significant.


-- Chris

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