PostgreSQL 9.2: database replication on demand - easy way (Bucardo in ports not available)

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Sat Feb 16 12:26:43 UTC 2013

Dear Sirs.

I send my question to this list in the hope someone has the same
problems and already found a solution. I will start explaining the
background and my difficulties with recent solutions.

We/I have a FreeBSD 10 box running a PostgreSQL 9.2 server containing
literature references via RefDB, some sort of bugtracking via Bugzilla,
several astronomical databases of the IAU (minor planet objects) and
others. Those databases are kept and maintained on one single box at the

Since a lot of the data is needed in my home office or at a lab with
non-permanent internet connection, I desperately need to synchronize the
databases kept on the "master" with some backup database systems acting
as "master/slave" when they are online. The latter definition is fuzzy,
since what I need is an automated synchronization of the "real" master
with a sporadically upcoming "slave" at home or at field sites for my
science where, as said, the internet connectivity isn't provided 24/7.

I feel realy uncomfortable with the built-in streaming replication of
PostgreSQL 9.2 since I never managed it to make a successful
replication. As far as I understand, the streaming mechanism of
PostgreSQL 9.X expects the "slaves" to be always online, to which the

I was said that Bucardo ( would be the tool of
choice, but FreeBSD ports seem not not have this tool. SLONY also is a
way to complicated for my for just this task - or I'm to dumb to perform
a solution that fits easily.

Is someone out here who might have the same problems and already figured
out how to solve this? I do not want to go into this crap "pg_dump",
since I tried this many times and it failed due to some issues I never
figured out why in PostgreSQL 9.2. Sorry being unspecific here, it is a
long time since I tried this frustrating task and it boiled always down
to some confusing "postgres/template1" issues when dumping the master
and trying to update the "slave". Even following the textbook's
suggestions ended up in a mess.

Well, I appreaciate some hints and concepts (working, not hypothetical
"could be's", those are floating enough around the FreeBSD related net).

Thanks in advance and thanks for the patience,


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