Problem with GPA after updating

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Feb 15 17:54:22 UTC 2013

Gerard <gerard at> writes:

> FreeBSD-8.3 STABLE
> gpg (GnuPG) 2.0.19
> libgcrypt 1.5.0
> gpa 0.9.3
> When attempting to run 'gpa', I am greeted with an error message. The
> message can be viewed here:
> It seems to indicate that there is a problem with the GPG library
> returning an unexpected value.
> I have tried rebuilding 'gnupg', 'gpgme' and 'gpa'. Is there something
> else I should be looking into?

Hard to say (especially because I can't see the error message). 
Your subject line implies that this started happening after an upgrade.
Perhaps you failed to update a dependency somewhere, or missed a
notice in UPDATING (perhaps the required rebuild of everything depending
on gnutls in a 20130205 entry)?

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