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> > No worries on time lapse. In fact, I had been needing to get back to you on
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> > FreeBSD Druid (both 8.x and 9.x) use sysinstall for disk partitioning. What
> sysinstall use, you say?
> > Glad you asked. sysinstall(8) uses a combination of:
> I anticipated this.  I am under the impression one cannot force proper
> slice alignment on 4K sector drives with sysinstall (see
> http://ivoras.net/blog/tree/2011-01-01.freebsd-on-4k-sector-drives.html).
>  Is it safe to assume that this also applies to 9.x when utilizing
> sysinstall based installer?

As previously mentioned, the FreeBSD Druid for FreeBSD 9.x contains gpart in the

To make this work under sysinstall, you'd essentially tell sysinstall to use
what's "already there" (and by "already there", I mean have a script pre-create
the partition layout with gpart prior to installation). There are places (like
the "all_install" script) in the FreeBSD Druid that would make this a simple
proposition, but I'm afraid that the better solution (according to the article)
is to use a "true" 4K-only drive (the article mentions that the problem only
comes into play with drives that advertise both 512 and 4K sector sizes).

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