Why fsc (fscd) monitoring sometimes doesn't work [Was: Re: Why scf (sfcd) monitoring sometimes doesn't work]

Harald Schmalzbauer h.schmalzbauer at omnilan.de
Thu Feb 14 13:04:50 UTC 2013

 schrieb Harald Schmalzbauer am 14.02.2013 13:34 (localtime):
>  Hello,
> I found fsc (http://www.freshports.org/sysutils/fsc/) to be extremely
> useful.
> Unfortunately, I can't get some services to be monitored, "fscadm
> enable" just failes with "Could not monitor service."
> I don't know how kqueue interaction is working, so I can't guess why
> some services can be monitored fine and others not.
> How can I start finding out what goes wrong?
> How does the rc-name play into that role?

Sorry for the ugly typo in the topic!

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