Exporting a ntfs-3g mounted drive over NFS?

Scott Ballantyne sdb at ssr.com
Wed Feb 13 01:16:49 UTC 2013

I wrote:

> Hello,
> Thanks to Dan Nelson I was able to mount my 4 TB drive using
> ntfs-3g. Now I need to export it over NFS, and it doesn't work.
> I'm using a bootable ZFS system, if that makes any difference. I don't
> see why it should.
> Basically, I can export a directory as long as a ntfs-3g filesystem is
> not moutned on it. And this is also true for the kernel ntfs
> system. The second a ntfs or ntfs-3g filesystem is mounted on it,
> there are problems.
> Here are more details:
> create a directory: /var/video, set globally readable and searchable
> permissions.
> I create a simple entry in /etc/exports:
> /var/VIDEO
> I copy some files in there and HUP mountd. 
> I check to see that I can access the files on the clients. No
> problem.
> I go back, delete the files (just to be safe), and then I  mount the
> ntfs-3g drive on /var/VIDEO with 
> ntfs-3g -o ro /dev/da0s1 /var/VIDEO
> I check to see that I can see the ntfs filesystem in /var/VIDEO with
> ls (I can), and all the permissions are ok (every file is rwxrwxrwx). 
> Then I HUP mountd. Mountd now tells me that my formerly good line in
> exports is bad. I can't access the files on the clients.
> I umount /var/VIDEO. I HUP mountd. All is well once again, on the
> server and the clients, except I can't access the files on the ntfs
> drive which I need to do.
> Anyone have any ideas what is going on here, and even better, how I
> might get it to work?
> Thanks!
> Scott
> -- 
> sdb at ssr.com

To add another detail, I have discovered that while I can't export the
files over NFS, I can use SAMBA, which helps me somewhat. I still need
NFS, and generally would prefer it for performance reasons, so if
anyone has any hints, please do let me know.

sdb at ssr.com

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